The shop is set for fall with rich tones, and lots of texture. 
Stop in for some inspiration, or shop our beauties online. ❤️ 

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They say every cloud has a silver lining. I truly believe that when we look back over our lives, this is true.  From an early age we are taught to avoid failure at all costs. …… to dread conflict or uncomfortable experiences. This often paralyzes the perfectionist. 

Looking in the rear view mirror …..conflict, failures, and truly the darkest times in my life have brought the most memorable life lessons. The most growth happens in the darkness.

The clouds are a gentle reminder that humans are resilient. I choose to lean in and trust the process of my growth as a woman, a friend, a partner, a mom, and an entrepreneur.
Life is all about growth ❤️


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Does your wardrobe provide you with a sense of joy? Every day can be a chance to get your creative juices flowing as soon as you step into your closet. I always keep a few artistic masterpieces on hand that instantly give that confidence boost. I’ve learned to be less serious, and to care less of other’s opinions when selecting my wardrobe. Almost 50…..and I dress for me. ❤️.

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Prioritize doing those things that light your soul on fire.  I’m thankful for these little moments of quiet time. Creating beauty ignites a spark of joy that fills my heart with pleasure all week. 

Drop a ❤️if your prioritizing your passions. 

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Ecru hit the fashion runways big this season, and we are seeing this classic look carry thru to fall. A timeless yet refreshing nod to mixing it up a little. 

Our Charlie Jacquard Sweater adds that rich layer that just pops over the bright neutral base giving us all the cozy fall feels.

Are you a fan of mixing things up, and keeping your look fresh? Stick with me this season as we stretch out of our fashion comfort zone just a tad. Midlife is for stepping outside the box….. and I’m here for the challenge. 

❤️ Lenae 

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My wardrobe strategy has always been the same. Invest in wardrobe workhorses…..then layer with the statement makers.  Workhorses/ Statement Makers. The wardrobe workhorses are the basics that start every outfit such as denim, tanks….tees…. and sweaters. They don’t have to be expensive, and you don’t need many. Statement makers are those pieces that set your look apart. Sweaters, kimonos, jackets. These pieces are memorable, and make you feel fabulous. Each season I add a few new pieces to my collection. Like art in my closet. The statement makers are an investment to myself. ❤️ This is one of those special pieces. One for me…. one for you. 

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There’s always an energy to city life. This small town girl loves the hustle and bustle….the historic architecture…..the restaurants…..and of course the retail therapy. 

Getting outside our box, and exploring a variety in life keeps us fresh and interesting. Reaching out into a community opens our eyes, and reminds us that we all have so much in common. ❤️

Our sheer mesh shirts landed online yesterday, and the response was huge! 🙌Great for layering. Available in black, and caramel. $74 

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One of my favorite times of year is when the sagebrush blooms….. We have a love/hate relationship with each other. 
My nose loves the smell of the earth and the sage on a warm September evening… sinuses pay the price. LOL. 

Loving all the pieces arriving on a daily basis, and loading them online as fast as I possibly can. It’s that time of year. 

This season is filled with fresh, new, and inspiring looks! ❤️ We worked hard to bring you the best of the best……. 
Follow along. 

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I don’t often wear RED …… but when I do….it’s game on!!! The sassy attitude  comes with the red lipstick. 💋Clothing and makeup can be game changers in the way you feel about yourself. When you step out that door do you feel fun, sexy, artistic, motivated, business like? My fascination for “dress-up” has never ended. I hope you look in the mirror a little differently this morning…..and try something new for a change. Life is too short to wear boring clothes. 

I love the way our vintage sari silk kimonos add that flair to a simple pair of jeans. 

❤️ Lenae 

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Breathe in all the beautiful fall colors this season with our one of a kind silk sari jackets. Each one is unique like the changing foliage in our landscape. Hand embellished by women in India providing jobs to support their families. Each one made with love. ❤️
That’s a beautiful way to live life. 

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It’s bittersweet to admit…. but sweater weather is here in the Pacific Northwest. Chilly morning have me trading in my iced coffee for a hot cuppa, and my tees for cozy sweaters. 

Rich soups, and chilis will start their dinner rotation as I sit by the fire reading a good book. It’s the circle of life. ❤️ 

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Cozy looks for fall. I love how a great cardigan and blazer can bring your look from casual to chic in an instant. This combo has me drooling ! An unexpected color combination keeps your look fresh. 

Visit is online for new arrivals, and get a head start on creating your personal look.

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A little throwback to one of my favorite photo shoots hosting my girlfriends for a charcuterie extravaganza in the desert 🙌 

Interesting fact about me….. I’m more comfortable hosting a get-together than attending a get-together. I love planning the details, making my guests feel extra special. Attending social gatherings….I’m just not sure what to do with myself lol. An introverted extrovert right here! 🙌

Are you an introvert, or an extrovert? 
I want to know! ❤️

xoxo Lenae 

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I’ve always considered my wardrobe an investment in myself. Getting dressed every morning is an opportunity to express yourself in your own original way……and it speaks of who you are before you utter a word. Purchase items of good quality that fit well…..pieces you love! ❤️ Pieces that set you apart from the crowd like the beautiful flower you are. Treat your investment well, and they will perform for you year after year. 

xoxo Lenae 

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I love the old proverb about the wildflower. Being out in nature, I often stop to admire these little miracles. They survive the harshest and most unseemly of conditions……and thrive despite it all. ❤️ 

Often it’s the time of struggle that shapes us to be determined. The times of darkness can be just the right environment for us to dig up that inner strength. When we face ourselves….that seed breaks open and that miracle happens…….a bloom. Be like that little wild flower out in the desert, and allow yourself the opportunity to grow. 

xoxo 💋 Lenae 

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Think outside the box when choosing your wardrobe this season. Everyday can be a chance to add an unexpected touch to your look guaranteeing you express your own personal sense of style. 

Hitting midlife doesn’t mean you have to dress frumpy. On the contrary…..midlife dares us to be more authentic. From our goals….to our friendship….to our own personal expression of style…this is our time to shine. ✨ 

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Let’s talk wardrobe workhorses.  Those basic pieces in your closet that you can wear everyday that are the “base” of your outfit…..allowing you to layer investment pieces over them for that put together designer feel. Our Simplicity Tanks have been that “workhorse” piece you all love this season. Layer  under everything…. and love all year long. 

Don’t miss out on our last run in four fabulous colors. White, Charcoal, Mocha Rose, and Silver. 100% cotton $36 

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When a bag is just this good… get every color. This little clutch has everything you need to stay organized. I throw mine in my big bag and pull it out when running to the grocery store…. you can attach the crossbody strap and use it as a bag. The leathers are a gorgeous way to usher in fall. ❤️ 

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It’s always a little bittersweet when August mornings greet me with that fall chill. The seasons are slowly changing and before we know it September will be here. I still vow to savor every last inch of summer, but the leaves are changing….and pumpkin spice everything is on the way whether I like it or not! 

I’m so excited to show you what Silver Sage has for the season ahead! One of my best season yet! 

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Embracing textured layers to extend the season of our transitional pieces. Cozy pieces, rich colors, soft knits. Welcome autumn. All new online this week. Don’t miss out on one of our best seasons ever! 

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