Collecting Moments


They say that life is like a journey, and I believe that the sentiment is true. My entire life, I have looked to what’s ahead with anticipation. It’s always been something that has kept me going through life’s ups and downs.

Life changes as we become more comfortable in who we are — our stories unfold. It’s a challenge to live in the everyday — anticipating the next adventure — but instead of looking so far ahead into the distance, I am choosing to look down as I tread, picking up stones as my feet trample next to them. Noticing the smooth and jagged composition. Collecting pieces of the earth that are like memories of each moment that has made me the woman I am today. This is still my path, and as I look to the horizon with anticipation, I choose to rest as my face basks in the sunlight and my senses absorb my surroundings.

Each day is part of my tomorrow.

Attention to Details


Assembling a look is all about the details. Colors, fabrics, cuts and accessories combine to create a unique expression of your individual style.

Rustic & Refined


Elegant organic shades mix with rich layers of artisan jewels inspired by the beauty of the outdoors.

The Session

Sagebrush Mini

Our thanks to Meg Lybbert for modeling our summer fashions.

The Fashion

Sagebrush Mini