The Peace Within


As a young girl, I truly believed in my own magical abilities to walk on water, fly, or simply create a dream world all of my own. As an adolescent, the reality of life set in—disappointments, failures and the reality of living in a family of dysfunction. The magic faded into what I thought was an ordinary life, but I was never meant to be ordinary.

There is a depth to understanding and making peace with who we are and where we came from. My life is the sum of all who have walked before me. I found PEACE in reconciling that life, and families are never perfect.

Peace is embracing ourselves. Peace is making our own magic happen, beating to the sound of our own symphony. Peace is sometimes embracing reality and understanding our own shortcomings. Believing in growth and responsibility. Peace can come from letting go of the past.

I am now taking each day, step by step. At peace with who I am and who I am becoming.

Allow yourself the grace to embrace the same PEACE in your life.

Make Your Own Magic


Everday life gives us the opportunity to see miracles.

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