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Silver Sage


Hot Mom Summer

It might be an unpopular opinion, but hot mom summer has nothing to do with being HOT. Unless you’re talking about the sweltering mid-summer heat.

Hot women tend to be the ones who shine from within, exuding confidence that is contagious.

Hot moms don’t criticize their bodies, and remember that shorts and bikinis are made for summer. They celebrate ditching the negativity and celebrate living a life free from judgment. Even when the strongest critic is themselves.

Hot moms live fearlessly.

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The Magic Hour

May 4th, 2017|0 Comments

There is a humbleness living in harmony with others that shine so bright, but this never undermines your greatness. Know that the sun and the moon both have beauty and are meant for a time and a season.

Meet the Artist: Paula Carvalho

February 7th, 2017|0 Comments

I have had a six-year relationship with Paula as an artist, vendor, and now as my friend. I love her, and thought I would share an interview with you to get to know the woman behind the jewels.



Love your store and your ideas to help me think outside the box.

Gail P.

An awesome place to shop! Great high quality stuff, friendly and helpful staff, the best place in town to look for something for your special girl(s).

William K.

Silver Sage is a wonderful store. I frequent it often and there is always something new. Wonderful unique clothes priced less than many at Nordstroms. Very nice selection of jewelry as well…I cannot say enough good things about this store.

Rhoda K.

This store is amazing…I have been looking for a style that worked for me and found it here. Can’t believe it took me so long…I feel so extremely good wearing your clothes. Love the way you help me put pieces together to create a look all my own…Sooooooo happy you’re here

Michelle K.

Great clothes and the owner is super helpful and has great ideas on how to put things together. She really helped my pregnant daughter with lots of ideas. I love that the clothes are a good range of age appropriate and look forward to more shopping!

Debra G.

Love shopping here! Beautiful clothing, accessories, and exceptional customer service!!

Debra L.

This store is a real treasure. Lenae has a great sense of style and her and her staff really knows how to put a outfit together that will look amazing on you. There is always something special for everyone. This is a store that you never want to leave.

Judy R.

Absolutely love this store! Super friendly, cozy and a lot of super unique and beautiful items to choose from.

Dannie B.

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