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Natural Stacks Feature

Add Something Memorable to Your Wardrobe with Our Natural Inspired Stacks.

Author: Lenae Haugen


There is such a rush to everyday life that I have been trying to separate myself from. As I sit in the silence absorbing nature and the sounds around me, memories of my childhood come to mind. Some of them traumatic, but the thing that I always seem to rest on is the memory of collecting. Whether it was leaves, sticks, shells or vintage jewels that were purchased at yard sales with hard-earned money, they were all considered treasures. Although at 42 I have few of the treasures that have endured endless moves and three children, the one thing I do have are the treasured memories and the feeling that they invoke inside of me.

Natural Beads 3
Natural Beads 1
Natural Beads 4

As an adult, I have become a seeker of truth and beauty in all its forms, and my heart is still drawn to pieces with character. While curating treasures for my website and shop, sometimes there is something truly special that just stands out from the crowd, and my hand-dyed bison bead bracelets are just that.

Each and every bead is a work of wearable art. They’re made from bison bone beads hand-etched and dyed by artisans using centuries-old dye techniques from the Cherokee Indians in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains. Using natural plant dyes in small batches makes each bead unique, rich in earthy hues that work in harmony with one another. Every color created is a gift of nature. Foraged berries, roots, bar and herbs all blend together in small batches, boiled down to create unique pigment colors, making each bead a statement in earthy colors that connect us to a simpler time.

Natural Beads 2
Natural Beads 5
Natural Beads 6

I have a hard time parting with these beauties, but I hope you will cherish and enjoy wearing them and pass them down to your children as a memory of something that is truly magical—handmade and something that will be along for our journey, collecting the memories along the way.

Lenae Signature Copper

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