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Three Must-Have Bracelets to Complete Your Arm Party Stack

Three Must-Have Bracelets to Complete Your Arm Party Stack

Author: Lenae Haugen


Layering jewelry continues to be a major trend this year and has forever been a favorite of this bohemian soul. Effortless in nature but anything but, rolling on my arm party every morning allows me to be creative while expressing my mood for the day. Will I be over the top with a mash up of all my favorites, or a little more sophisticated with a few of my more simple metals? Sometimes I am down to earth wearing one of my favorites and letting it stand on its own. Whatever the mood, it’s all an adventure in being unique.

Over the last year, we have helped many of you in the shop and online, create looks that speak to your artistic aesthetic, but today I want to help you mix it up a bit with three of my favorite bracelets that are affordable and mix and match with pretty much everything.


In my opinion, pyrite is the perfect neutral color. Wonderfully unrefined and earthy. Not quite silver, gold or bronze but rather an intriguing mix of these metallic tones making it my most essential and versatile addition to your collection.

Pyrite gets its name from the Greek word PYR meaning fire, as it produces sparks when struck with steel. This stone is thought of as being a stone of protection and has been used throughout history as an amulet. It is believed to draw energy from the earth so is ideal for anyone who wishes to connect with nature.


Rich, earthy and exotic, the gunmetal gray look of our hematite stack adds some depth and moodiness to an otherwise dull stack. With its masculine edginess, you can see why hematite has been used as a symbol of strength. Cool and calming yet strong and grounding it has said to be useful in developing concentration and focus.


STACK C 219 Bracelets

Our golden hematite is rich in molten tones with fine facets to enhance its shine. This bracelet is incredibly versatile and adds a touch of sophistication to your wardrobe. Layer three for some simple elegance or mix in with your current pieces. Whether you are working or running around after little ones, looking down and seeing an elegant sparkle will bring a bit of joy to your day. Golden hematite is used by healers to create harmony within yourself and all around you balancing energies that exist between mind and body.

Despite the fact that mixing metals has been a long debatable topic, when it comes to bracelet stacking, it is totally ok to mix. In fact, I encourage you to mix! The beauty of this trend is that you can add or take away depending on your mood.

Give yourself freedom to live outside the box.

Explore. Express Yourself. The Adventure Never Ends.

These three mixed metals add some sparkle worn alone and easily transition from day to night to totally transform your look making it sparkle and shine.

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