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Meet the Artist: Paula Carvalho

Meet the Artist: Paula Carvalho

Author: Lenae Haugen


Many of you who have shopped with Silver Sage for any length of time know that I have always had a love affair for handmade artisan jewels. There is something special about wearing a one-of-a-kind piece that just speaks to you and it’s even better when others take notice.  The first time I spotted Paula Carvalho’s pieces, I knew that some of them must be mine. As I started wearing them, they started selling right off my body. This started my six-year relationship with Paula as an artist, vendor, and now as my friend. I love her, and thought I would share an interview with you to get to know the woman behind the jewels.

L: What are three words that describe your personal style?

P: Eclectic. BoHo. Hippie Chic. Paula Carvalho of Paula Carvalho Jewelry Necklace by Paula Carvalho Jewelry

L: What is your favorite part of the designing process?

P: I love the mix. When you go to market to get all your supplies and return home to create something, it’s the mix that makes it interesting. Leathers, metals and stones are all things I am just passionate about. Texture and proportion. Sometimes it works out, sometimes not. LOL.

L: How long have you been designing jewelry, and will you describe your journey?

P: I started making pieces for myself about twenty years ago. Never finding exactly what I wanted, I decided to design pieces that fit my boho vibe, and people always wanted to purchase them, so a little business was formed. I have always been creative, so it was great to have something to fulfill that side of me while raising three little boys. Juggling most of my life, a family including three fabulous boys, husband Mark, two pups Remy and Buddy, a career as a server, I am finally at a time in my life that I can dedicate almost all my time to create new pieces, and my business is growing by leaps and bounds. The journey has been great. Necklace by Paula Carvalho Jewelry

L: What’s your favorite thing to do other than make jewelry?

P: Whenever I get a chance, I love to be boating with family, friends and of course…the pups.

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