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Lafco Paloma Melon Candle

Sale price$78.00 USD

  • A warm summer breeze carries the herbaceous, minty scent of wild rosemary across the veranda and through the open windows. Being prepared inside, the fresh, fruity aromas of sweet casaba melon, juicy cantaloupe, and tangy lime meet, creating a vivid kaleidoscope of scent that is refreshing and vivacious.

Each of our beautifully designed hand blown glass vessels is a unique work of art. The nature and beauty of this hand made process results in slight variations of color and pattern. After you've finished burning your candle, the vessel can be reused as part of your home decor.

15.5 oz. 

Lafco Paloma Melon Candle
Lafco Paloma Melon Candle Sale price$78.00 USD