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Sparkling Cuvée Diffuser

Sale price$32.50 USD

Fragrance Family: Citrus / Fruity
Notes of Sparkling Wine, Pomelo, Woody Oak & Rose

Pop a bottle of Voluspa’s finest blend, it’s time to celebrate! A mix of beautiful aromatic complexity, Sparkling Cuvée opens with vivacious fruit tones of Sparkling Wine, Pomelo and Red Currant. The effervescence of Sparkling Wine is the heart of the celebration, with bubbles cascading to the surface, dancing and mingling with juicy Nectarine and Bulgarian Rose Petals. A velvety, smooth finish of Woody Oak serves as the perfect stage for this aromatic affair. Raise a glass of Sparkling Cuvée, your olfactory aperitif for every unforgettable occasion.

3.4 oz      Lasts 4-6 months 


Sparkling Cuvée Diffuser
Sparkling Cuvée Diffuser Sale price$32.50 USD